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Chinese Chop for Chinese Brush Painting
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An Easy Chinese Brush Painting Lesson in Surprising Yangshuo

The beautiful city of Yangshuo in China’s Guangxi province (near Guilin) is famed for its strange-shaped karst mountains and serene rivers. Known as the “heavenly hometown of travel on earth” this scenic region has long been an inspiration for artists. In this story, I share my personal experience of a Chinese brush painting lesson. On …

Night time at The Bell Tower, Old Xi'an City, China,
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Old Xi’an City – Ultimate 2 Day Itinerary of What to Do & See

With world-famous must-see attractions to explore, Old Xi’an City is one of the most exciting cities to visit in China. This ancient capital city is also one of China’s most popular tourist destinations. Even with only two days to spare, this complete 2-day itinerary makes sure you have time to enjoy the seven best things …

Tipd for your first China Vacation
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33 Things You Need to Know Before Your First China Vacation

When the ex-husband’s girlfriend invited me to go on a China vacation to celebrate her 50th birthday, of course, I said yes! Who better to travel halfway around the world with than the crazy lady my son calls the evil step-monster? While she’d been dreaming of visiting China for almost 25 years, we still researched …

Suzhou Garden Photos China min
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Stunning Suzhou Garden Photos to Inspire Your Trip!

Located just a couple of hours outside of Shanghai, the serene and beautiful Unesco World Heritage gardens at Suzhou are a feast for the eyes. Two of the most beautiful are the Master of the Nets Garden (the Fisherman’s garden) and the Humble Administrator’s Garden. It’s impossible to visit without coming away with masses of …

The Garden of the Humble Administrator Suzhou China min
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The Ultimate Garden in Suzhou – The Garden of the Humble Administrator

The ethereally beautiful Garden of the Humble Administrator is the biggest of Suzhou’s nine classical gardens. Covering an enormous 50 thousand square feet, it’s also the largest private garden in China, and it’s rated alongside Beijing‘s Summer Palace as one of China’s top four gardens. Visiting this garden in Suzhou is a must-do trip from …

Yangshuo landscape
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7 Interesting Facts About China You Should Never Believe

I’m pretty well-travelled but the only interesting facts about China I heard before I visited were half-baked horror stories from ex-pat colleagues. Almost all of these storytellers had “done” China (aka they were posted there for a couple of years) before scuttling back to the London suburbs, delighted to have ticked “international role” off on …