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Travel chat with Georgina from My Timeless Footsteps
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An Uplifting Travel Chat With Georgina from My Timeless Footsteps

In this travel chat with Georgina from My Timeless Footsteps, mature travel blogger and empty-nester Georgina shares how her love of travel and hunger to learn a new language led her to start blogging just over 12 months ago. Georgina’s deep knowledge of London shines a light on off-the-beaten-path gems, with her rich travel stories drawing the …

How to cope with travel during menopause
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35 Best & Most Useful Tips About Travelling During the Menopause

Travel was so easy in the halcyon days before the menopause years. But now? I have to tell you that travelling during the menopause can be a bit of a rollercoaster ride!  This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a …

Bran Castle is one of the Spookiest Places in Europe
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The 14 Spookiest Places in Europe: Haunted, Creepy & Scary Spots

Have you ever been somewhere that triggered your sixth sense, and made the hairs at the back of your neck stand on end? Plenty of places can spook us – especially when they have a dark and troubled history. With its millennia of turbulent history, however, one continent seems to have more scary places than …

Roaming Fox Alma Pulling pint Guinness Ireland min
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A Fascinating Travel Chat With Alma From Roaming Fox

In today’s travel chat with Alma from Roaming Fox, mature travel blogger Alma van As, shares how her love of travel, adventure and safaris led her to start blogging a few years ago. Her travel stories paint incredible pictures of the countries she has visited – and make me desperate to see more of Africa! Born and …

Lisa Dorenfest 6 min
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Travel Chat With Lisa From One Ocean at a Time

In today’s travel chat with Lisa from One Ocean at a Time, full-time travel blogger and circumnavigation sailor Lisa Dorenfest, shares how she has already visited 64 countries, despite not getting started with sailing around the world until she was 50. It’s been quite a journey for this inspiring mature travel blogger who weaves wonderful stories of …

Heather Begins Travel Chat 2
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Travel Chat with Heather from Heather Begins

In today’s travel chat with Heather from Heather Begins, full-time travel blogger Heather Markel who speaks an amazing six languages, shares how an early introduction to travelling got her hooked her on travel, and why she quit the 9-5 for a life of exploration, adventure and inspiring others. It’s been a fascinating journey for this mature travel …

Zoë Peate Mekong River Vietnam
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Travel Chat With Zoe From Duende by Madam Zo-Zo

In today’s travel chat with Zoe From Duende by Madam Zo-Zo, expat Aussie travel blogger Zoe Peate shares how being a trailing spouse catapulted her into a new world of international travel, blogging and new adventures. It’s been quite a journey for this travel blogger, so grab yourself a cuppa and a comfy seat, and delve …