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What to Expect From a River Cruise in Guilin China

Arriving in Guilin the afternoon before our journey to Yangshuo, I was craving serious relaxation after long, exciting and hot days exploring Beijing and Xi’an. BUT, I’ll admit right now that I’d not done any real preparation for this part of our trip! Other than a vague idea that there would be breath-taking scenery and …

China Asia

33 Things You Need to Know Before Your First China Vacation

When the ex-husband’s girlfriend invited me to go on a China vacation to celebrate her 50th birthday, of course, I said yes! Who better to travel halfway around the world with than the crazy lady my son calls the evil step-monster? While she’d been dreaming of visiting China for almost 25 years, we still researched …

Spicy Hot Pots in China
China Asia Food & Drink

Everything You Need to Know About Spicy Hot Pots in China

Ever keen to try out authentic local food, it felt wrong not to have spicy hot pots while in China! What I knew before the experience was that hot pot or hotpot (also known as ‘fire pot’) is basically a boiling pot of soup stock served at the table, to which diners add a variety of meat and vegetables …