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Travel mistakes to avoid
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Travel Mistakes to Avoid | 6 Mistakes I Made in Egypt!

The first time I visited Egypt, I went on an organised group tour. I had such a fabulous time that I went back there for my first solo holiday just two months later. It was an incredible trip, to a fascinating country that I grew to love, but I made a bunch of travel mistakes. …

Women's Packing List for Travel to Egypt
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The Ultimate Women’s Packing List for Travel to Egypt

As the miles of arid desert flashed by and sweat slowly soaked my carefully chosen linen dress, I prayed for the journey to end. Silently, I cursed myself for bringing a dress that was not on my carefully planned packing list for travel to Egypt, as rivulets of sweat ran down my scalp transforming my …

Woman traveling solo to Egypt
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10 Important Travel Tips For Women Traveling Solo To Egypt

Visiting Egypt as a solo woman is both challenging and rewarding. Egyptian culture is vastly different from Western culture and you’ll need to respect this to stay safe during your trip. My first trip to Egypt was part of an organised tour but my second was unexpectedly solo. These travel tips for women traveling to …