Discover the best things to do in China, including hidden gems, cultural treats and some of the very best Chinese food!

Whatever your reasons to visit China, you’ll find plenty of inspiration here.


The main Chinese language is Mandarin, with other major dialects, including Cantonese.
Some common phrases are:
Nǐhǎo (Nee how) – Hello
Xièxiè (Shieh-shieh) – Thank you
Zǎo (Zhow) – Good morning


The currency used throughout China is the Yuan.


China’s weather varies significantly due to the size of the country. All regions can be hot and humid in the summer, while the more northerly regions can be biterly cold in the winter.

Coralie enjoying street food in Xian China outside a street food stall, illustrating Grey Globetrotters China Travel Guide
At a glance

My experience in China

From my first visit to Hong Kong to visiting China to celebrate a friend’s 50th birthday, I’ve loved the richness and diversity of this fascinating country.

I’ve packed in top attractions like the Great Wall and Terracotta Warriors, experienced hidden gems like learning Chinese painting in a Yangshuo backstreet and celebrating my birthday in Suzhou’s UNESCO heritage gardens.

Dozens of friends and colleagues have asked me to help them plan trips to the “Land of the Red Dragon“. Now I want to share the best reasons to visit China in this travel guide to help you visit China, whether it’s your first or 15th trip.

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