Packing list for travel to Egypt

The Ultimate Women’s Packing List for Travel to Egypt (Updated 2022)

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Egypt is a fascinating, vibrant country that’s a real thrill to visit, especially if you can slip away from the swish hotels in the big cities and the floating gin palaces on the Nile. It’s also a country that can be a total culture shock for Westerners, especially on a first trip, and it’s important to make sure you’re wearing the right clothes so you don’t risk offending local sensibilities. This complete women’s packing list for travel to Egypt is here to help you know exactly what to pack, what to leave at home and what to expect!

Egypt Comes as a Complete Culture Shock for Most Visitors

The Curse of Packing for Egypt with “The Wrong Clothes”

As the miles of arid desert flashed by, sweat slowly soaked my carefully chosen linen dress and I prayed for the journey to end. Silently, as torrents of sweat transformed my once glossy tresses into a limp, damp mess clinging hotly to my neck, I cursed myself for bringing a dress that was not on my carefully planned packing list for travel to Egypt.

The relief of arriving at Abu Simbel after four hours in a non-aircon minibus was marred by the fact that I looked like I was wearing a crumpled rag. That, and there was the promise of the return journey to look forward to.

Abu Simbel Egypt min
The incredible temple of Ramses II at Abu Simbel

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Every aspect of Egypt is eye-opening for a Western visitor

An ancient land, Egypt is shaped by its life-giving river with many scenes redolent of old school bibles. From the crazy, cacophonous sprawl of the mega-cities, to the sun-baked villages and historic ruins lining the mighty Nile, everything seems to beat to a new and different drum.

It would be easy to be seduced by Egypt’s beauty, limiting your exposure to this most wonderful of countries to the manufactured resorts of Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada, where Western standards and Western dress prevail.

But that’s not the real Egypt. Step outside those protected enclaves and the reality is raw, frustrating, exciting and so much more worthwhile.

This is a country of gargantuan contrasts, a country where the wealthy live like kings and the poor are truly wretched. A country where there is no social buffer to support those in need, driving some to live on their cunning in order to feed hungry bellies. A country in desperate need of the tourist dollars that dry up when conflict arises.

There is a dedicated tourist police force, supposedly in place to protect visitors, but this security can feel oppressive at times. Be prepared to be questioned at length about your travel plans, particularly if you venture off the beaten path or travel solo as a woman. Egypt is far from an equal opportunities country and you should expect also to be asked constantly where your husband is…

Wearing a wedding ring, even if you’re not married is an excellent man repellent – and not just in Egypt!

How to Visit Egypt Safely as a Woman

Swimming in Egypt Western Desert min
Swimming in an oasis pool at Siwa – fully clothed as required!

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In my opinion, Egypt isn’t the ideal “beginner” solo travel destination for women. It is a truly mind-expanding country, but you’ll enjoy it more if you’ve learned the ropes of solo female travel first and you know how to deal with cross-cultural differences or if you’ve already been to Egypt as part of a group/tour.

The best way to prepare yourself for Egypt and to stay safe is to wear the right clothes. That means starting with a good packing list for travel and sticking to it.

Why Having The Right Clothes to Wear in Egypt REALLY Matters for Women Travellers

What you pack for your trip to Egypt will determine how safe you feel, how much you enjoy your visit and where you are welcome. As a Western woman, it’s painful to tell other women how to dress in Egypt, but safety must be your #1 consideration.

What you wear when you’re travelling also represents your country. Far too often each time I was in Egypt, I came across lecherous Egyptian men who thought all English women are “easy”, based on their observations of how a small minority dressed and behaved.

The reality is that Egypt is a conservative Muslim country.
The further you travel from the big cities, the more conservative it becomes. While you don’t need to cover every inch, it’s courteous to try to blend in a little, and that courtesy will get you a long way.

Egyptian Clothes min

Cover Up

As a bare minimum, aim to cover from your neck down to your ankles and beyond your elbows.

Leave skimpy tops and shorts at home, as you will attract unwanted attention in them, and they won’t protect you from the fierce sun.

For anywhere other than swanky hotels in Cairo or the Red Sea beach resorts, adjust your Egypt travel clothes and opt for a more conservative dress yet.

Avoid clingy fabrics

Think loose flowing (not form-fitting) ankle-length skirts/trousers and wrist-length tunic style tops, plus a headscarf. Choose lightweight fabrics and check that they are not see-through in the sunlight! Expect it to be hot, so choose floaty cotton and linen, or technical fabrics that wick sweat away.

An oversized men’s cotton/linen shirt worn over a t-shirt, with the cuffs turned up makes a great cover-up!

Choosing the Right Clothes to Wear in Egypt

Typical Egyptian Clothes min

Pick lightweight quick-drying fabrics. Cotton is good, but cotton jersey will soon become sweat-stained and uncomfortable. It can also take ages to dry after washing.

Linen is comfortable when it’s very hot but remember that it soon crumples and looks travel-stained. Linen blend fabrics offer a good compromise.


Pick trousers (pants) that are loose-fitting and ankle-length, in a quick-drying/drip-dry fabric. Good quality summer-weight hiking trousers work well in Egypt, where you will be oh-so grateful for the sweat-wicking fabric.

Don’t wear denim! Opt for long, floaty chiffon-type skirts, but make sure they are opaque!


Choose long, loose tunic style tops with wrist-length sleeves and a modest neckline (no V-necks and definitely no cleavage on display). You won’t be tanning on this trip!


You don’t have to cover up completely with a scarf, hijab, or niqab, but the further you venture out from Cairo, towards the Western Desert or the South of Egypt, the more it becomes advisable to wear a scarf to cover your hair. Scarves also help you stop your hair from getting damaged by the sun and turning into a frizzy mess.

Blonde or red hair can be a magnet for unwanted attention; avoid this by covering up.

Headscarf in Egypt Grey Globetrotters min
Headcoverings keep your head and neck cool and reduce unwanted attention


Stock up on breathable, quick-drying underwear, then wash and wear as you go. If you’ve never tried ExOfficio Give-N-Go undies before, these are the ultimate travel pants for women, top-rated by women travel bloggers. Breathable, comfortable, and super quick to dry, you’ll manage with three pairs. “One to wear, one to wash, and one for spare”. Five pairs as a maximum.

If you send anything vaguely fancy, frilly or skimpy to the hotel laundry, don’t expect to see it again (except in the very best hotels). Wash your smalls in the sink!

Outer Layers

Egypt swelters in the summer months from May to September, with temperatures sometimes exceeding 35 Centigrade (100°F). In the high season from October to April however, temperatures fall, especially at night and it can get quite cold. Pack a warm sweater/cardigan and a pack-away raincoat for this season.


Once outside your hotel, you won’t be able to escape the dust in Egypt.

Merrell sandals are the most comfortable walking shoes I’ve ever had. If you prefer something with a closed toe, so your feet are not caked in the dust by the end of each day, Skechers Go Walk trainers are a joy to wear (and they are perfect for flying in).

Expect the streets to be uneven, leave your heels at home and take comfortable flats.

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Choosing the Right Luggage

Carry-On Bag

For your trip to Egypt, traveling with a carry-on only will save you time and it will help to keep you and your belongings safe and together.

My favourite carry-on bag is the Osprey Women’s Fairview 40 Travel Pack. It has all the rugged functionality you’d expect from an Osprey bag; it’s designed for women and it conforms to EU maximum Carry-On luggage size. There’s even space for your laptop.

If you do need to check your luggage:

  • Pick a bag with TSA compliant locks – and make sure you use them
  • Select a sturdy design that will stand up to careless treatment by baggage handlers
  • Attach coloured ribbon to the handle or use a luggage strap which makes your bag easy to identify
  • Look after your back – if you’re taking a checked bag, pick a design with 4 wheels!!!

Packing Cubes

It’s not just what you pack – how you pack is hugely important.

Experienced carry-on travellers have one important thing in common – they organise their bags and maximise space using packing organisers.

Easy-to-use packing cubes/compression bags will help you to compartmentalise your travel gear and to save space and save time finding what you want. They’re also a huge boon at airport security if your bag is chosen for a random security search!

Choose from simple zip-lock bags, durable travel packing cubes or compression bags and you’ll be travelling like a pro. Travel Dude compression bags give you maximum compression and the best space savings. They are also eco-friendly, as they are made from recycled plastic bottles.

Travel Pillow

Unless you’re turning left when you board, a travel pillow is something you’ll want to make sure you have on your packing list for travel. Travel pillows help you to grab essential hours of sleep, helping you feel more refreshed when you arrive. Vital for menopausal travellers!

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Top-rated travel pillows are the Trtl Pillow and the Huzi Infinity Pillow.

Solo Woman’s Packing List for Travel to Egypt

Travel Packing List for Egypt min

Daypack: Packing List for Travel to Egypt

While you’re in Egypt you’ll probably go on some long day trips and you’ll need your daypack stocked up to keep you going all day. Here’s what you’ll need with you:

  • An insulated water bottle: Staying hydrated is imperative, so carry your reusable water bottle everywhere
  • Camera: Egypt is a photographer’s dream, so it’s worth thinking about your camera. If you’re comfortable carrying a DSLR and familiar with using one, you’ll capture fabulous pictures. Alternatively, pick an easy to use mirrorless camera like the Canon M100 or a great “point and shoot” camera. The Canon Powershot SX740 is especially good.
  • Sunscreen: You need this, even in the winter for Egypt. Don’t take chances…
  • Sunglasses: Look after your eyes and take a good polarised pair
  • Copies of your documents: Stow your passport and documents in your hotel safe but carry copies everywhere you go
  • Mosquito repellent and plug-in mosquito killer: If you’re going anywhere near water, and yes, that includes the Nile!
  • Toilet paper/wipes (there are no toilets in the desert and many public toilets are horrifying!)

What to Leave Off Your Egypt Packing List

  • Strappy tops
  • Shorts of any description
  • Knee-length dresses/skirts
  • Anything see-through
  • Bikinis/skimpy swimwear
  • Flashy jewellery.

Set your mind compass to embrace everything Egypt has to offer. Go with the expectation that your trip will be an adventure and that you now know what to wear in Egypt!

Last Word

The biggest problem when pulling together your packing list for travel to Egypt is knowing what clothes to wear in Egypt and what to leave at home, so you can be confident of travelling without fear of dressing in a culturally inappropriate way.

Once you know exactly how to dress in Egypt, what’s safe to wear and how to prepare for your trip, you’ll soon discover that visiting Egypt can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

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Have you been to Egypt? What was on your Egypt packing list? Did you forget anything you wish you’d taken with you? Do let me know in the comments below. As always, I’d love to hear about your experiences x

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