Is the Jersey Heritage Pass Good Value? (2022)

Jersey, in the Channel Islands, is the most southerly place in the British Isles. Famed for its stunning beaches, beautiful countryside, quaint pink granite buildings, and ridiculously pretty Jersey cows, this tiny island of just 45 square miles is jam-packed with things to see and do. It’s got thousands of years of fascinating history to explore too.

This unique little island is where I grew up and where I’ve lived on and off (currently off!) for more than 30 years. My family still lives in Jersey, so I visit frequently and I think I can claim to know the island pretty well.

On my most recent trip, I had just 2 days to spare to re-visit and photograph some of Jersey’s most popular historical sites, so I grabbed the chance to try out the Jersey Heritage Pass, to see if it’s good value for a first-time visitor.

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Here can you read all about what the Jersey Heritage Pass is, where and how to buy it, how much it costs, and an honest view of whether it’s right for your trip. I’ll also show you whether it will save you money or not.

Jersey Heritage Pass – All You Need to Know

16th century Elizabeth Castle, Jersey - One of the top attractions included with the Jersey Heritage Pass
16th century Elizabeth Castle, Jersey – One of the top attractions included with the Jersey Heritage Pass

What is the Jersey Heritage Pass?

The Jersey Heritage Pass is a scheme to save you money on visits to key historic attractions in Jersey. The pass offers you the chance to visit 4 of the 6 best historic sites in Jersey – for the price of 3!

You can buy the pass digitally here before your trip to Jersey, or while you are on the island, you can buy the pass from one of the attractions.

Your pass is valid for seven consecutive days and gives you unlimited entries to 4 historic sites for the price of 3 (perfect if, like me, you want to return a second time for more exploring or to capture extra photos!)

How Much Does the Jersey Heritage Pass Cost? (2021)

The Jersey Heritage Pass has individual costs for adults and children/students, with a small concession for visitors over 65.

  • Adults (17-64): £35.35
  • Children (6-16)/students (with valid student ID): £23.25
  • Seniors (over 65): £31.95
  • Family (2 adults + 2 children): £99.95
  • (Children under 6 go free)

Keep reading to see exactly how much you can save when you buy this pass!

What is Included in the Jersey Heritage Pass?

The Jersey Heritage Pass includes unlimited access to 4 of the top 6 historic attractions on the island, giving you complete flexibility to choose what you want to see. The places you can pick from are:

  • Elizabeth Castle (including the amphibious ferry to/from the castle)
  • Jersey Maritime Museum
  • La Hougue Bie
  • Hamptonne Country Life Museum
  • Mont Orgueil Castle
  • Jersey Museum and Art Gallery

What is NOT Included in the Jersey Heritage Pass?

  • The Jersey Heritage Pass is not a “Skip the Line” or “Fast Track” Pass
  • Public Transport to/from the attractions in NOT included, except for the Elizabeth Castle ferry.
  • Food and/or drinks are NOT included

Jersey Heritage Pass – Is it Good Value for Money?

Like any city pass or a package deal, the more you use it, the more it’s worth to you! If you use your pass to visit four attractions, you will save money.

For example, when you add up the adult entry price for Elizabeth Castle (£15.65) + Mont Orgueil Castle (£13.40) + the Maritime Museum (£10.60) it comes to £39.65. So, your saving when visiting just three attractions with the Jersey Heritage Pass is £4.30 per person.

The bigger savings come when you add in one more attraction. For example, visit La Hougue Bie (£9.90), and the amount you will save with your Jersey Heritage Pass increases to £14.20 per person.

Jersey Heritage Pass includes Mont Orgueil Castle
800-year-old Gorey Castle (Mont Orgueil) is one of the places you can visit with a Jersey Heritage Pass

Note: Hamptonne Country Life Museum, Elizabeth Castle, and Mont Orgueil all close during the low season, from early November until mid-March 2022.

If you’re visiting during the low season (November to March), the Jersey Heritage Pass may not be the best value option for you, as you won’t be able to see four attractions. But Jersey is wonderful to visit in the winter and early spring, and there is plenty to see and do!! Check out the best things to do in Jersey in the winter here.

Bear in mind too that all of the Jersey Heritage attractions are open from 10 am until between 5-6 pm (in the summer). Those that open all year round close earlier (around 4 pm) in the low season.

Here are my suggested itineraries to help you plan how to get the most value from your Jersey Heritage Pass, even if you only have one day in Jersey.

One Day Itinerary with a Jersey Heritage Pass

If you only have 24 hours in Jersey to explore, you’ll want to minimise travel so you can get around to see four attractions. It will be a squeeze, but the best way to do this is to base yourself in St Helier, forget about hiring a car, and focus on visiting the attractions in and close to the town.

Check out the best places to stay in Jersey here.

My recommended 1-day itinerary includes:

  1. Jersey Museum and Art Gallery (1 hour), then a 6 minute walk
  2. Jersey Maritime Museum (1 hour), then a 15 minute walk
  3. Elizabeth Castle (3 hours, including the return ferry crossing), then 8 minutes walk to Liberation Station, with a 15 minute bus ride (route 13)
  4. La Hougue Bie (30-45 minutes)
Visit La Hougue Bie with the Jersey Heritage Pass
The 6,000-year-old tomb and 12th-century chapel at La Hougue Bie, Jersey

1-Day Itinerary Cost Saving Example (Using the Heritage Pass)

1 x Adult would save £11.30 (£11.25 if aged 65+)
2 x Adults would save £22.60 (£22.50 if aged 65+)
2 x Adults + 2 Children/Students would save a whopping £41.90

While there’s time in this itinerary for you to have a quick lunch at Elizabeth Castle – I recommend you fill up with a good breakfast before you start exploring, have a light lunch at the castle, then book somewhere fabulous for dinner!

Local Tip: Rosie’s Tea Shop in Market Street does an awesome breakfast, and it’s located in a pretty little side street, just a 9-minute walk to the Jersey Museum and Gallery. You’ll also be able to meander through the beautiful Victorian Central Market on your way, where you can stock up with fresh fruit for your day of exploring.

The Central Market Jersey
The beautiful Victorian Central Market, Jersey

Two Day Itinerary with a Jersey Heritage Pass

With 48 hours in Jersey, you have a little more choice and can get out of “town” (St Helier). You’ll also be able to linger for longer at each attraction and get much more from the experiences.

Day 1

  • Hamptonne Country Life Museum (3 hours) – Number 7 bus to Three Oaks Garage (25 minutes), then a very pleasant 10-12 minute walk to the museum, returning to St Helier by bus
  • OR Elizabeth Castle, then
  • Jersey Maritime Museum (2 hours)

Have a leisurely lunch today. Try the Lamplighter – a traditional style pub, or La Hacienda which offers great Mexican cuisine. For a quick and tasty bite, the Seafish Cafe is seconds from the bus station, or if you’re looking for something more elegant, The Grill or Scirocco at the Royal Yacht are both superb. Each of these eateries is less than a 5-minute walk from the bus station and the Jersey Maritime Museum!

Day 2

  • Mont Orgueil Castle (3-4 hours) – Bus number 1, 1A, 1G, 2 or 2C all stop at Gorey Pier (25 minutes from St Helier), moments from the castle
  • Jersey Museum and Art Gallery (2 hours+)
Nestled beneath Mont Orgueil Castle, Gorey Pier is the perfect place for a scenic lunch after using your Jersey Heritage pass at the castle
Nestled beneath Mont Orgueil Castle, Gorey Pier is the perfect place for a scenic lunch

Enjoy a scenic lunch in pretty Gorey Village today, before taking the bus back to St Helier. I can’t fault any of the restaurants in this gorgeous location – they are all fantastic! Stroll along the pier and see what takes your fancy. In high summer, you might want to pick a restaurant and pop in to make a reservation BEFORE you visit the castle!

Here’s what you save with the 2-Day Itinerary

1 x Adult would save £8.85 (£8.60 if aged 65+) if visiting Hamptonne but would save £14.80/£14.45 if visiting Elizabeth Castle instead
2 x Adults would save £17.70 (£17.20 if aged 65+) (£29.60/£28.90 with the Elizabeth Castle option)
2 x Adults + 2 Children/Students would save £31.40 (£52.25 with the Elizabeth Castle option)

Three Day Itinerary with a Jersey Heritage Pass (or longer)

With the luxury of 3 days in Jersey, you have lots more choices and can see so much more of this beautiful island!

My recommendation to maximise the value of your Jersey Heritage Pass is to use the pass to visit the attractions with the highest individual entrance charges (the two castles, the Jersey Museum and Art Gallery, and the Maritime Museum). If you want to visit Hamptonne and La Hougue Bie too, you’ll make the biggest saving.

Day 1

  • Elizabeth Castle (using your Jersey Heritage Pass)
  • La Hougue Bie (optional extra – paying for your ticket on arrival)

Alternatively, hire a bike or take “Le Petit Train” to St Aubin’s Village, which you are guaranteed to fall in love with. You might also like to take a hike along the mighty north coast cliff paths or to visit St Ouen’s Bay, La Corbiere Lighthouse, or Grosnez Castle to watch the most stupendous sunset.

Pretty St Aubin's Harbour, Jersey
Pretty St Aubin’s Harbour, Jersey

Day 2

  • Mont Orgueil (using your pass)
  • Maritime Museum (using your pass)

Day 3

  • Jersey Museum and Art Gallery (using your pass)
  • La Hougue Bie (optional extra – paying for your ticket on arrival)

Alternatively, take a trip to the world-famous Jersey Zoo, or the incredible Jersey War Tunnels (highly recommended)

Would I Recommend the Jersey Heritage Pass?

Yes, I highly recommend the Jersey Heritage Pass! You need to plan what you want to see for it to be cost-effective – use it wisely and you’ll have extra money to spend on food, drink, and shopping while you’re in Jersey.

You can visit four of the Jersey Heritage Pass attractions in one day, and have a decent amount of time to enjoy them, but, in my opinion, you would be better taking two days or more to visit these sites. You’ll get so much more out of your trip – and you’ll be able to combine your historical sightseeing with enjoying the other delights that Jersey has to offer.

I recommend you buy your pass before you visit Jersey – especially if you’re planning to follow the one-day itinerary, where your time will be tight. Start planning your trip now and buy your Jersey Heritage Pass here.

How to Visit Jersey

Getting to Jersey

Several airlines fly to Jersey from the UK, including Easyjet,, FlyBe, and Blue Islands, offering good value travel options. Skyscanner is the best place to search for great deals.

Alternatively, Condor Ferries operates from the UK, Guernsey, and France to Jersey.

Getting around in Jersey

If you’re only visiting Jersey for a quick break, hiring a car is probably not your best option. The local bus service – Liberty Bus – visits all of the main attractions, offers good value 1,2,3 and 7 day passes, and saves you from worrying about finding somewhere to park. Watch out though – taxis in Jersey are relatively expensive and there is no Uber!

Alternatively, Jersey is the perfect place to cycle, with a network of “green lanes” where the speed limit is restricted to 15 mph. There are several places where you can hire a bike.

Staying in Jersey

Jersey is a popular place to visit – both with tourists and business travellers, so there’s an abundance of good quality places to stay. Over the years, I’ve stayed or dined at most of them, so here are some of my favourites:

Longueville Manor Hotel The Royal YachtBeachcombers Hotel

Find more places to stay in Jersey here.

Last Word

I hope you’ve enjoyed my guide to the Jersey Heritage Pass. For more information, check out some of my other in-depth Jersey guides:

If you’d like to visit Jersey and use Jersey Heritage Pass, Pin for later!

how to save money with a Jersey Heritage Pass

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