Big Ben and Houses of parliament in is London Worth Visiting

Is London Worth Visiting? 25 Top Things To Do in London 2024

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Are you wondering, “Is London worth visiting?” or “Is London overrated?” Let’s consider why London is a great place to add to your bucket list.

London has been a magnet for visitors from around the world for centuries. From the Royal Family and iconic landmarks to famous museums and beautiful architecture, there are plenty of things to do in London England – a city absolutely dripping with history!

London is my favourite city in the world and has been for decades. I fell in love with “The Old Smoke” when I first visited London with my family as a bright-eyed ten-year-old, and I’ve been hundreds of times since.

I lived and worked in London for nearly five years and will never tire of exploring. There are so many things to do in London beyond the most popular tourist attractions!

Is London overrated? Absolutely not – it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

In this post, I’ll share why London should always be on your bucket list. I’ll also debunk some old myths that might have put you off going to London – until now.

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After reading the top 25 reasons to visit England’s historic – and utterly fabulous – capital city, I’m sure you’ll be going to London someday!

the Royal Albert Hall viewed through tree branches
Visiting The Royal Albert Hall (viewed from Kensington Gardens). One of the top things to do in London

Is London Worth Visiting?

Absolutely, London is worth visiting! It’s a city that lives up to its long reputation as one of the world’s most popular cities.

From the iconic Tower of London (home of the Crown Jewels), Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace to the splendid parks and world-famous museums, London offers the perfect blend of history, culture, and entertainment.

Whether you’re strolling along the Thames Embankment, shopping in Oxford Street or exploring the posh neighbourhoods of Chelsea and Belgravia, I can guarantee that London will leave a lasting impression on you.

Going to London is the perfect plan for an exciting, history-soaked experience, with a side order of great food and a camera full of unforgettable memories! It’s also one of the best ways to learn about England’s turbulent history.

Stunning red brick building housing the Royal College of Music
The attractive red brick facade of the Royal College of Music, opposite the Royal Albert Hall

Is London Overrated?

Like many other destinations, London sometimes gets bad press. The three myths most often peddled about London might be deterring you from booking a trip to this fabulous city, so let’s tackle them head-on:

Myth #1: Londoners are unfriendly

The idea that Londoners are unfriendly is unjust. As Mrs Brown tells Paddington Bear: “In London, everyone is different, and that means anyone can fit in.”

Don’t expect Londoners to make eye contact or strike up conversations on the Tube, but that doesn’t mean they don’t care or are unfriendly. It’s quite the opposite. London is one of the most inclusive places I’ve experienced – where your age, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation genuinely do not matter.

It’s baffling initially, but you’ll soon understand that London embraces and accepts everyone.

Myth #2: London is ridiculously expensive

People often ask me, “Is London expensive to visit?” and the honest answer is that, like many other famous cities, it can be.

In reality, the cost of dining, tourist attractions and accommodations in London is similar to other leading European cities (we just got used to the UK being cheaper than Europe for a while).

Luckily, London offers visitors plenty of choices for all budgets. You can definitely experience London without breaking the bank. There are lots of attractions with free entry and inexpensive places to eat!

🛌 Discover an affordable luxury gem of a hotel in upmarket Mayfair – just a short walk from Buckingham Palace 🙂

Myth #3: London is overrun with tourists

Tall stone Commonwealth Gates on a rainy day in London
There were no crowds at all at the Commonwealth Memorial Gates – moments from Buckingham Palace

London is a mecca for tourists, with around 30 million visiting annually. The most popular attractions, like the Tower of London, the National Gallery, the Natural History Museum and the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, are often crowded – particularly during school holidays.

However, London has many hidden gems where the queues can be almost non-existent – even at the busiest times of the year.

When I lived in London, it was sometimes hard to escape the number of tourists at Covent Garden or St Paul’s Cathedral. On weekends, however, I sought out hidden gems in the city’s heart – and you can too.

25 Reasons Why You Should Visit London

Let’s dive straight into the top 25 reasons London should be at the top of your bucket list!

1. The History

London is England’s capital city, with over 2,000 years of rich history.

The Romans called the early city Londinium; then, it was known as Lunden in the years after the Norman Conquest. Over the centuries, the city became known as London. 

By the early 12th century, London’s population was more than 15,000; however, just two centuries later, it had exploded to around 80,000. Then, in the mid-14th Century, London’s population was halved by the Plague known as the Black Death. London recovered rapidly despite further epidemics due to its economic and political importance. 

2. The Royal Family

Uniformed soldiers on horseback with Big Ben in the background, in London

As a constitutional monarchy, the United Kingdom is inextricably linked with the history of the Royal Family. There is nowhere in the country where this link is more visible than London.

The city has 11 royal palaces, myriad royal statues and beautiful royal parks. London also puts on impressive public events like the Trooping of the Colour, the State Opening of Parliament and the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Place. and

3. The Landmarks

The dome of St Pauls Cathedral London against a cloudy sky
The dome of St Pauls Cathedral London against a cloudy sky

London’s most iconic landmarks are recognised worldwide. When you visit the city, spotting these famous London landmarks in real life is just one of the great things about London.

The dome of St Paul’s Cathedral is an unmistakable symbol of London that offers breathtaking views of the city, provided you can manage the 500+ steps to the top! Crowned by the largest bronze sculpture in Europe, the magnificent Wellington Arch pays homage to the Duke of Wellington’s defeat of Napoleon, while the London Eye, rising high above the River Thames, provides some of the best views in the city.

Charming, Instagram-worthy streets like Elizabeth Street and Neal’s Yard are perfect for self-guided exploration, and you might even see one of London’s iconic red phone booths. Alternatively, wander through Covent Garden before visiting Trafalgar Square to see the iconic lions and the soaring Nelson’s Column.

These are just a few remarkable landmarks that tell the story of London’s rich history and make the city so worthwhile to visit, whether you’re planning your first trip to London or, like me, you’re drawn back over and over!

4. The Theatre

Theatreland London
Theatreland London

There are over 50 theatres in London, offering a world-class mixture of blockbuster musicals, acclaimed dramas, riotous comedies, nail-biting thrillers, and dance. More than 40 theatres are clustered in “Theatreland” in London’s West End, close to the bustling Leicester Square and Piccadilly.

5. The Architecture

Tall red brick buildings line a street in London
Red brick buildings in London

London’s architecture includes various styles, including the ancient splendour of The Tower of London – a prison until 1952 – and Royal Palaces like Hampton Court Palace and Buckingham Palace – first occupied by Queen Victoria in 1837.

The city’s architecture also includes Roman Ruins, fabulous Tudor buildings, including Staple Inn on High Holborn and Lambeth Palace, stunning Georgian houses with decorative fanlight windows, and exciting contemporary buildings like The Shard and The Gherkin.

6. The Museums

The Imposing Entrance to the Imperial War Museum London
The Imposing Entrance to the Imperial War Museum London

Thanks to its incredible collection of 170+ world-class museums, London is adored by art and culture enthusiasts – particularly as many of the London museums are completely free to visit.

Some of London’s most famous museums are The Natural History Museum, The Science Museum, The Victoria and Albert Museum (The V&A), TATE Modern and The Imperial War Museum.

The Victoria & Albert houses an extremely diverse range of arts, including the Three Graces by Antonio Canova, while the very fabric of the British Museum is as beautiful as the vast collection within.

One of my favourite London museums is the Painted Hall (at the Old Royal Naval College). It’s known as the Sistine Chapel of London, and it’s usually far less busy than the better-known museums 🙂

➡️ Grab your skip-the-line tickets for the Painted Hall.

7. The Parks

Is London worth visiting? Yes - you can see landmarks like the Bomber command memorial in Green Park. Large sculpture of a group of airmen beneath a canopy
Bomber Command Memorial in Green Park, London

London’s wonderful royal parks and green spaces offer a welcome respite from the busy city center beyond their gates.

From Regent’s Park to Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park to Battersea Park, London’s green acres are perfect for impromptu picnics, romantic strolls, catching a glimpse of a royal residence or simply walking among the flowers.

My favourite is the exquisite Green Park – a verdant oasis with glorious tree-lined paths tucked away behind the Ritz Hotel in swanky Piccadilly.

Pro Tip: One park that fewer tourists know about is the insanely pretty Holland Park, home to the Kyoto Gardens, complete with koi carp and a gorgeous bridge at the foot of a waterfall. It’s fabulous during cherry blossom season 🌸

In the summer, London’s parks teem with life as Londoners move outdoors to socialise, picnic with friends, relax with a book or exercise.

8. The Markets

Bustling market place filled with customers buying artisan bread
Borough Market in London is well worth visiting

London is famous for its bustling markets, where locals and tourists can find everything from fresh produce to antiques and clothing. Some of the most popular markets in London include

Borough Market

Located near London Bridge, Borough Market is one of London’s oldest and largest food markets. The market has been around since the 13th century, and today it boasts over 100 stalls selling everything from cheese to charcuterie, bread to pastries, and seafood to exotic meats. It’s an absolute gem!

Covent Garden

One of London’s most popular shopping destinations, Covent Garden is home to many shops and boutiques. You’ll find a mix of international brands alongside independent retailers offering everything from luxury fashion items to handmade crafts. Expect Covent Garden to be busy!

Camden Market

One of London’s most famous markets, Camden Market, has a mix of street food vendors, vintage clothes stores and alternative culture. With over 1,000 stalls spread across several areas, including Stables Market and Camden Lock Village – this is a must-visit destination if you’re looking for something offbeat or unusual.

Columbia Street Market

My absolute favourite is the Columbia Road Flower Market, which takes place every Sunday morning in East London. It’s noisy and busy, with traders shouting their wares at passersby while shoppers haggle for the best deals on fresh flowers and plants.

Whether you’re looking for fresh produce or trendy fashion accessories – there is no shortage of options when it comes to exploring London’s diverse market scene!

9. The Pageantry of State, Royal & Ceremonial Events

Is London worth visiting to see the pageantry like the mounted guards riding through the street?

If you’re still asking, “Is London worth visiting?” let’s look at one of London’s crowning glories – the pageantry!

From the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace to the 700-year-old tradition of the Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London. Then there’s the State Opening of Parliament and the Trooping of the Colour.

England does ceremonial events like no other country in the world!

10. The Glitzy Shopping Arcades

London is one of the world’s premier shopping destinations, with incredible shops, boutiques and stores. However, some of the most unique shopping experiences can be found in London’s covered arcades and alleyways.

One of the most iconic examples is Burlington Arcade, opened in 1819 by Lord George Cavendish. This elegant arcade features a stunning glass roof and beautiful Georgian architecture, making it a popular destination for shoppers and tourists. Today, Burlington Arcade has over 40 luxury brands, including Rolex, Chanel, and Jimmy Choo.

Another must-visit arcade is Piccadilly Arcade. Built in 1909 as part of the Regent Street development plan, this ornate arcade boasts beautiful Art Nouveau details, including intricate wrought ironwork and stained glass windows. You’ll find a range of high-end retailers here too, including fine jewellers such as James Purdey & Sons.

These covered arcades offer visitors a unique shopping experience combining history and luxury retail therapy. So why not take time from your regular high street haunts and explore these hidden gems?

11. The Mews

Is London worth visiting to see beautiful pastel coloured mews cottages like pretty Conduit Mews near Paddington
Pretty Conduit Mews. Image Rolf

When you imagine the streets of London, do you imagine pretty cobbled roads lined with drop-dead gorgeous pastel houses? London Mews are just that – and they are very desirable residences indeed!

Originally, these hidden-away properties in the upmarket London neighbourhoods of Chelsea, South Kensington, and Notting Hill were built as stables and carriage houses, with living quarters above. When horses were replaced by cars, trains and buses, the era of the London Mews House was born!

Moments from Hyde Park, Bathurst Mews still has a few original stables, while Kynance Mews in South Kensington is ridiculously pretty and much loved by Instagrammers – especially when the glorious wisteria is in bloom. My favourite is the pastel-hued Conduit Mews near Paddington Station.

12. The Thames

The River Thames and Tower of London viewed from HMS Belfast
The River Thames and Tower of London viewed from HMS Belfast

The languorous River Thames wends its way through the heart of London, past centuries-old landmarks, to the ultra-modern Thames Barrier and the North Sea.

leisurely cruise along the Thames is the perfect way to explore London from a different perspective. As you cruise, you’ll have amazing views of the Tower of London, HMS Belfast, the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and the iconic Tower Bridge – perfect for photographs!

As a real history nerd, I love seeing the old wooden wharves where sailing ships like the Cutty Sark docked for centuries to unload essential goods brought to London from faraway lands, like tea and spices!

The numerous bridges across the Thames, such as Tower Bridge and the pedestrian Millennium Bridge, are architectural marvels, providing stunning views of the river and its surroundings.

➡️ The Tower of London is super popular, and the queues can often be long! Joining this organised skip-the-line tour is the best way to save precious time and see this incredible attraction.

13. The Hidden Gardens and Squares

Beautiful walkway through Hampstead Hill Garden in London is worth visiting
Look how beautiful Hampstead Hill Garden is! Image I-Wei Huang

Tucked away from view, London has tranquil hidden gardens and squares – just like in Notting Hill with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. Many are privately owned, but others, like the gorgeous Hampstead Hill Garden and Pergola, are open to the public and enchanting to wander around.

St Dunstan-in-the-East is another gem well worth visiting – it was the romantic location where Ross married Emily in Friends! My personal favourites are the delightful Culpepper Community Garden behind the Angel Market, where inviting benches offer the perfect spot for a sandwich amid the blooms, and the pretty little Pickering Square, hidden away in Mayfair!

These secret gardens provide welcome moments of serenity in the midst of one of the world’s most iconic cities.

14. The Food

Traditional British Food

Gone are the days when British food was the laughingstock of Europe! Today, London is a true foodie’s paradise, offering gastronomic treats from all four corners of the world, whether you want hearty food, light bites, vegetarian, vegan or something else!

Wherever you travel, you’ll find independent coffee shops, quaint little cafes and high-end restaurants among the usual chains and fast food establishments. And don’t forget the vast array of rooftop bars in London, where you can sip cocktails with some of the best city views in the world!

Tip: London’s vibrant food markets offer some of the best foodie treats! I always head for the buzzing Borough Market, which dates back to the 13th century and has (in my opinion) the best gourmet goodies and artisan foods. Maltby Street Market and Eataly are epic epicurean venues not to be missed either.

15. The Pubs

Lamb and Flag Pub Rose Street London. Atmospheric old pub tucked away in a tiny cobbled side street

No visit to London would be complete without nipping into one of the city’s 7,000 traditional pubs for traditional ales and hearty pub grub.

These atmospheric boozers have been part of the fabric of London life for centuries, although the spit-and-sawdust interiors and bare-knuckle fighting of yesteryear are long gone!

Tip: Eating in a London pub is often less expensive than in a London restaurant!

Some of central London’s most characterful pubs include Mr Fogg’s Tavern in the heart of “Theatreland”, the cosy Lamb and Flag in Covent Garden, and the splendid John Snow in Soho (named after the doctor who discovered that cholera was spread by contaminated water!).

16. The Culture

London is heaven for culture enthusiasts, from Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre to the city’s museums and the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden.

Countless artists, musicians, poets and writers have been inspired by London, with blue plaques at every corner celebrating the links between notable figures of the past and the buildings where they lived and worked.

➡️ Planning a walk to find blue plaques for a topic you’re interested in is great fun. To help plan your walk, you can search London’s blue plaques by name or category.

London also hosts numerous events, from London Fashion Week to the BBC Proms (The Promenade Concerts), Notting Hill Carnival and Chinese New Year celebrations.

17. The Walks

While London is a large city, walking is a great way to discover the city’s hidden treasures and charming streets – especially if you focus on exploring one neighbourhood at a time rather than trying to do everything at once 🙂

If you enjoy walking but don’t want the stress of navigating London’s streets on your own, a guided walking tour is a fantastic way to delve deeper into the city with a knowledgeable guide.

I’ve done lots of walking tours in London and can highly recommend these:

Alternatively, you can rest your feet and see London from the comfort of a hop-on, hop-off bus for a scenic view of the city’s landmarks.

18. The Changing Seasons

Springtime in London is magical! As the city warms and the days get longer, the streets are lined with blossoming trees, while cheerful daffodils and dainty crocus burst into life in the parks and gardens as outdoor cafes fill up with Londoners enjoying the first days of sunshine for months.

Hot summer days stretch long into the evening, and life moves outdoors to escape the cloying heat of the city. It’s the peak season for visitors, so expect crowds and queues.

Autumn in London transforms the city, with golden and russet hues at every turn as the trees lose their leaves and the bright colours of summer fade. September and October are ideal for visiting London, whether you want to avoid the high prices and crowds of summer or stroll through a park with the crunch of fallen leaves at your feet.

The Christmas season in London never fails to be enchanting. Myriad lights and decorated Christmas trees transform the city into a sparkling winter wonderland, with charming markets, outdoor ice rinks, and the scent of mulled wine and roasted chestnuts heady in the air.

Having lived in London throughout the seasons, I have to tell you that my favourites are spring, autumn (fall) and Christmas time. While I love summertime, the summer months in London can be uncomfortably hot, especially on the Tube, and the most popular tourist attractions are mobbed with swarms of visitors.

19. The Cherry Blossom

Cherry trees flowering in fron t of St Paul's Cathedral, London
St Paul’s Cathedral cherry blossom

Japan is world-famous for its delicate “sakura”, but did you know you don’t have to travel all the way to Japan to experience beautiful cherry blossoms? London’s cherry trees are a sight to behold in springtime!

Every year more visitors flock to London to enjoy the incredible spectacle of cherry trees festooned with pink and white blossom in the city’s parks, gardens, and streets.

20. The Hotels

The sweeping entrance to the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London
The sweeping entrance to the magnificent St Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London

Many of London’s top hotels are household names that many aspire to visit, like The Ritz, Claridge’s and The Dorchester – but all that luxury comes at a high cost!

Luckily, London has a wide range of accommodations, from grand historic buildings to charming boutique hotels, quirky monasteries and the usual assortment of identikit chain hotels you’ll find anywhere in the world.

I’m often asked to recommend the best place to stay in London. This boils down to two key things:

  • What is your budget? There’s no point looking at The Ritz or Claridges if one night there will blow your budget.
  • What do you want to do in London? If, for example, you’ll spend a few days in the Docklands area or Greenwich in East London, you’ll waste a lot of time commuting if you pick a hotel in the West End, and vice versa.

London has great hotels in the city centre, with easy access to renowned landmarks, upscale shopping districts, and vibrant neighbourhoods. You can also find affordable hotels around the city outskirts; however, make sure to factor the additional transport cost and travel time into your decision about which to choose.

21. The Public Transportation

Public transportation London
Public transportation London

Many parts of London are pedestrianised, making it easy to get to the city’s attractions on foot while taking in beautiful sights. 

Alternatively, you can make use of the excellent public transportation network that makes getting around the city easy.

The Tube (underground)

The most popular mode of transport, but it can get busy, especially at peak times. You can buy paper tickets at each station, use your contactless payment card, or buy and top up an “Oyster” card.

Train (Overground)

London’s efficient train network connects the city to the suburbs and the rest of the country. Trains also connect London St Pancras Station to France and Belgium via the Channel Tunnel.

London Buses

London’s bus routes help travellers get pretty much anywhere in London!

While buses are typically slower than rail services, you benefit from amazing views and are saved from walking around the underground system. The most famous buses are the Big Red Buses! 

River Boat Services

River Boat services operate along the Thames from Putney in the west of the city to Woolwich in the east, with multiple stopping points along the way. The Thames River Bus is a great way to see London from a different angle – especially on a sunny day!

London Taxis

Whizzing around London in an iconic black cab is highly convenient, but it can be expensive! You can also get an Uber in London.


One of the great things about London is how easy it is to hire a bike to get around the city. Cycle lanes and public cycle points are dotted around London, making it easy to hire a bike. 

22. The Day Trip Possibilities

River Itchen, Winchester, UK

Going to London doesn’t limit you to just exploring the city. It’s a brilliant base for exploring other nearby destinations. Here are some popular day trips from London:

  • Windsor Castle is the longest-occupied palace in Europe. You’ll want to see the lavishly decorated State Apartments, beautiful castle grounds, and St George’s Chapel (where Queen Elizabeth II is buried).
  • The UNESCO World Heritage city of Bath in the beautiful Cotswolds is famous for its Roman baths, Bath Abbey and Jane Austen connections.
  • The vibrant city of Brighton on England’s south coast makes an ideal day trip. You can explore the Royal Pavillion and Brighton Palace Pier.

These day trips offer a delightful escape from the bustling city, allowing you to discover what other treasures lie beyond London’s city limits. Joining an organised tour is a hassle-free and cost-effective way to experience these places.

23. The Gateway to the Rest of England

Knaresborough Viaduct soaring high above the River Nidd in Knaresborough
Knaresborough Viaduct soaring high above the River Nidd in Knaresborough

London is also the perfect hub for visitors wanting to explore the diverse regions and breathtaking landscapes of the United Kingdom. When I lived in London, I often escaped the city by train for long weekends around the country!

Yorkshire, located in the north of England, is picturesque, jam-packed with historical sights and charming villages, and only a few hours from London by train. It’s easy to explore the thriving market and castle in pretty Skipton, take posh afternoon tea and explore the Turkish Baths in elegant Harrogate, or wander through the enchanting medieval streets of York.

Alternatively, Llangollen is a must-visit destination in North Wales. This UNESCO World Heritage town is close to the soaring Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, imposing Welsh Castles and glorious countryside for walking.

Beyond Yorkshire and North Wales, England has so many exciting regions to discover. Head to the southwest coast to discover the Jurassic Coast and Durdle Door, or to the idyllic region of Cornwall to explore the exquisite beaches and the iconic St Michael’s Mount island castle.

Alternatively, venture to stunning Northumberland for windswept beaches and the most romantic castles!

Visiting London will allow you to build the perfect itinerary for exploring England’s beautiful and diverse countryside.

FAQ: Is London Worth Visiting?

Is London a city?

Yes! London is the largest city in the United Kingdom and the capital city of England.

Is London England friendly?

Contrary to the popular myth, London is a welcoming and friendly city, with great customer service and plenty to see and do.

How many days in London is enough?

Are you wondering, “how many days do you need in London?” Six days will give you scope to see lots of tourist attractions properly.

Is London good for tourists?

London is a brilliant city for tourists, with world-class visitor attractions, excellent transportation, fantastic accommodations and incredible theatre!

What is the best month to visit London?

April, May and September are perfect months to visit London as the weather is mild and the crowds of high summer won’t have arrived.

Is the UK worth visiting?

Absolutely, the United Kingdom is a varied, exciting and memorable country, crammed with historical sights, diverse countryside and wonderful coastlines.

Is London a good place to go?

London is a fantastic city to visit. Whatever your travel style, interests or budget, you will find myriad things to do in London.

Is London worth visiting in December?

Absolutely! The cool, crisp days make December one of the best times for going to London. The shops will be bursting with Christmas goodies, festive markets will be open, and you can look super cute in your favourite boots and woolly hat!

Which UK city has the most museums?

London has more museums than any other city in the UK, with over 170 remarkable museums to explore.

Or read more about England | Wales | Scotland 

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Final Thoughts: Is London Worth Visiting or Is London Overrated?

London is definitely worth visiting! It is a culturally rich and diverse city with something to offer everyone. London has everything from historical landmarks to world-class museums, vibrant nightlife, and scenic parks.

The city’s energy and buzz are contagious, making visitors fall in love with its charm and character. With its excellent transportation system, getting around the city is easy, allowing travellers to explore diverse neighbourhoods and hidden gems.

London’s culinary scene is exceptional; you can find every cuisine imaginable, from trendy street food markets to Michelin-starred restaurants.

So whether you’re interested in history or art, shopping or entertainment, food or drink – there are plenty of reasons why London should be on your travel bucket list!

Is London worth visiting?

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