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Gin Tasting in Yorkshire – A Sensational Gin Distillery Tour

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Yorkshire is renowned for its scenery, history, and architecture, but you might not know that there are also great opportunities for gin tasting in Yorkshire.

Growing up, I thought gin was a “fuddy-duddy” drink. It was something my parents and their friends sloshed into a tall glass, doused in supermarket tonic, and garnished with a slice of lemon (or lime if you were “posh”). If you ordered a G&T at a pub or restaurant, you were lucky if you got a choice of Gordon’s or Beefeater. 

Fast forward (let’s not count quite how many years), and gin is the drink of the moment, with gin sales booming. There’s been an explosion of craft gin producers making small-batch, highly botanical blends in micro-distilleries and gin made in Yorkshire is rather fabulous.

There are countless Yorkshire gins to choose from – in bars, restaurants, and supermarkets, each with a unique story. I had to go on a Yorkshire gin distillery tour to try out some of the best gin made in Yorkshire!

The origins of gin

Gin originated in the 16th century when Dutch chemists blended distilled juniper berries with malt or wine for medicinal purposes. They called it “geneva”, meaning juniper. 

British soldiers discovered gin during the Thirty Years War (1618 to1648). They brought it back to England, where it rapidly became popular with the masses, who shortened the name from geneva to gin. 

The British also introduced gin to the tropics. It was used to hide the bitter taste of the anti-malaria medication “quinine”, which was dissolved in tonic water. That’s how the gin and tonic we know and love today was invented!

The gin and tonic has saved more Englishmen’s lives than all the doctors in the Empire 

Sir Winston Churchill

Gin Tasting in Yorkshire

One rather special gin that’s been making waves on the market is Whittaker’s gin. I joined the best gin distillery tour at Whittaker’s Distillery to learn about this exciting family-run Yorkshire business.

View of Nidderdale after leaving the Whittaker's gin distillery tour
Nidderdale view from Harewell House Farm (Harrogate Distillery)

A Superb Yorkshire Gin Distillery Tour

When I booked my tour, I knew that the Harrogate Distillery is an award-winning gin distillery deep in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. What I didn’t realise was just how rural it would turn out to be or how fantastic this gin made in Yorkshire was going to taste!

Trusting in the gods of Satnav, I set off from Harrogate, heading north for a spot of adventure with a side order of my favourite spirit.

The route to Whittaker’s gin distillery passes through some of the prettiest scenery North Yorkshire has to offer. You’ll see rolling green hills, adorable little villages with ancient stone cottages and churches, and miles of drystone-walled fields.

Arriving in the tiny village of Dacre Banks, I spotted a sign for Whittaker’s gin and made my way down a long unmade track. With no properties visible, I was sure I’d gone the wrong way! Then, at a fork in the “road”, a new sign spurred me onwards before Harewell House Farm came into view.

About Harrogate Distillery

Multiple award-winning Harrogate Distillery was founded in 2015 by gin-loving husband and wife team Toby and Jane Whittaker. From their rural base in outbuildings at Harewell House Farm in Nidderdale, this craft distillery produces Whittaker’s Gin – a range of small-batch, hand-crafted London dry gins. It also makes English Cassis Gin for London’s posh department store Fortnum and Mason.

Whittaker’s Gin Tour

inside a gin distillery yorkshire
A lovely reception area!

Thanks to getting stuck behind a couple of slow-moving hay-bale-laden tractors on the road to the distillery, I was slightly late joining the tour. That meant I missed the first taste of Whittaker’s gin (the welcome gin and tonic); however, I was driving, so I couldn’t have had one anyway!

Whittaker’s effortlessly charming co-founder, Jane, greeted me on arrival before ushering me into the first part of the distillery (the old piggery). Jane introduced me to her husband, Toby (master distiller and tour guide), and I joined the other four people taking the tour. 

The Whittaker’s gin distillery tour started with some background information about the brand and what brought Toby and Jane into gin-making.

Toby then introduced us to the “chemistry” of gin-making (he has a chemistry degree), and then he offered us some juniper berries to taste!  

“Handcrafted” is a term that’s bandied around a lot in the food and drink industry; however, in the case of Whittaker’s gin, the name is appropriate. I loved learning that the grapefruit used in the “Summer Solstice” gin is hand peeled at the distillery. I also loved that the leftover fruit (and the discarded gin-soaked peel) is “recycled” into delicious marmalade! (Yes, I bought some, and yes, it is delicious!)

We saw the love and labour that goes into each bottle of gin and hessian sacks bursting with juniper berries and other fresh botanicals.  

After learning about the bottling and labelling, we moved across the yard to the stables for a surprise! 

Harrogate Distillery Makes Whisky Too!

The horses live in contentment in half of the stables, while the other half has been transformed into a whisky cellar.

Harrogate Gin Distillery Tour
Whisky barrels at the Harrogate Distillery

Barrel upon barrel of Yorkshire whisky is laid down and slowly maturing in beautifully aged oak barrels. Yes – Toby and Jane have branched out, and whisky is the latest offering to come out of the Harrogate Distillery.

It will be the first whisky to originate from Nidderdale, and its release is still hotly anticipated, but it will be a few more years before the first bottles are ready to taste! Like Whittaker’s gin, the whisky will all be distilled and bottled locally in Nidderdale.

Learning about the whisky production process was a bonus on this gin distillery tour! I learned that whisky barrels are a very sustainable product – Toby sources most of his barrels “used” from sherry producers, and I could see the original sherry producers’ markings on the end of the barrels. 

Visiting the Harrogate Distillery Stills

Visiting the shining copper stills on the gin distillery tour at Whittaker's Gin

Next, we visited the stills, including “Jezebel”, the first copper still used to create Whittaker’s gin.

Just like the rest of the distillery, the still is beautiful to look at. It looks like something from a giant chemistry laboratory, large and shined to perfection! No wonder Tony feels at home here!

Tour guide for the gin distillery tour - master distiller Toby Whittaker
Toby Whittaker – Master Distiller

During the tour, I learned how long it takes to create Whittaker’s gin, how the distillation process works, and what “heads”, “hearts”, and “tails” are! I also learned about the latest product from this entertaining and entrepreneurial couple – vodka!

The stills in the gin distillery min

Once Tony had answered our questions, we ambled towards the distillery shop for the much-anticipated gin tasting. 

Gin Tasting in Yorkshire – Sampling the Gin

Snacks and gin tasting at the end of the gin distillery tour in Yorkshire
Enjoying the gin distillery tour

We had the chance to sample eight gins plus one “wild card”. I was sorry that I was driving and unable to take more than a tiny sip of each, but Jane had thought of everything and the homely pine tables included sharing plates with healthy portions of hand-cut chips, breadsticks and very tasty locally-sourced pork pies (very moreish!) to accompany the tasting.

Gin tasting
All set for the gin tasting session

Jane talked us through each gin as we sampled it, helping us to understand and identify the individual botanicals. The pace was very leisurely, with plenty of conversation and laughter as we worked our way through the gins.

Whittaker’s Gin Flavours

eight gins to try at a gin tasting in Yprkshire
gins lined up and ready for the gin tasting

Without giving away any trade secrets, Whittaker’s gin includes carefully chosen botanicals – juniper, plus coriander seed and angelica root, with additional botanicals dependant on the specific gin and pure, soft Nidderdale spring water.

  • Whittaker’s Original (42% ABV): mixed with locally-sourced Bilberries (also known as whortleberries), sweet Hawthorne berries, plus spicy, peaty Bog Myrtle from the Yorkshire moors.
  • Summer Solstice (42%): Pink and White Grapefruit, plus Pomegranate.
  • Winter Solstice (42%): Dried Bitter Orange, Sultanas, Raisins, Currants, and Star Anise with a hint of Cloves and Cinnamon. 
  • Pink Particular (42% ABV): Dried Pink Hibiscus Flowers, Pink Peppercorns, Cardamon and a hint of fresh lemon.
  • Navy Strength (57% ABV): The same botanicals as the Whittaker’s Original, but it’s much smoother and far stronger!
  • Clearly Sloe (42% ABV): This one is slightly different, as it’s not a strong Juniper-led gin. There’s a clear taste of liquorice, and it’s a bit like grappa – I LOVE IT! 
  • Very Sloe (26% ABV): A closely guarded secret mix of Whittaker’s gins, macerated with sloes for at least six months. This is now the tipple I have in my hip flask for chilly dog walks. No one else is allowed any.

And that wildcard? It was a taste of Whittaker’s brand-new product Barley Mow Vodka!

Gin Tasting Tips

As part of the tasting, Jane also gave her recommendation on how to serve and enjoy Whittaker’s Gin.

We were advised to try each with a plain tonic to avoid taking away the subtle flavours of the Gin. Oh, and not to drown the gin with too much tonic either!

The Whittaker’s Gin Label

Whittaker's gin labels

I love the label design. It features a hare from an original miniature woodcut by 18th-century wood artist Thomas Bewick. This image ties in beautifully with Harewell Farm, where the distillery is located. The label reads

Handcrafted with great skill and care in the heart of North Yorkshire, using our own fresh Harewell House natural spring water, to create an artisan spirit for your ultimate appreciation

Each of the different Whittaker’s gins features a different coloured hare, to help identify the individual gin, and create a consistent brand image.

The Harrogate Distillery Shop

The well appointed gin shop - where to relax after the gin distillery tour

After the tour and gin-tasting, the distillery shop is a charming place to browse. The shop is modest but beautifully appointed; however, there are plenty of items to remember during your visit to Whittaker’s Gin distillery!

Whittaker's gin distillery shop at

Whittakers Gin Tour FAQs

How to get to Whittaker’s gin distillery?

The best option is to drive, as public transport to Dacre Banks village is limited, and it’s a long walk from the village to the distillery!

Location: Harewell House Farm, Harrogate HG3 4HQ; however, the distillery is in the small village of Dacre Banks.

From Harrogate (12.5 miles/30 minutes):

  • Take the Skipton Rd/A59 to the B6451
  • Continue on the B6451, through the village of Dacre, then onwards to Dacre Banks
  • Drive through the village, past the village stores, then turn left into Cabin Lane and follow the signs for Whittaker’s Gin.

What does the gin distillery tour cost?

The tour is £20 per person and must be booked online. It’s excellent value, including the tour, two G&Ts, all the taster shots, and nibbles, plus a £5 per person discount off any gin you buy during your visit! Here’s where to book.

How long does Whittaker’s gin distillery tour last?

The distillery tour takes roughly 40 minutes (depending on how many questions the group has). Allow at least the same time for the leisurely and social gin-tasting. 

How many people are there on each tour?

Distillery tours are limited to 20 people. You can also book private group tours, which would be wonderful for a special birthday treat or a girl’s day out!

Where Can I Buy Whittaker’s Gin?

  1. You can order direct from the online distillery shop here, and your order will be delivered to you within 3-5 working days.
  2. You can also visit the distillery, place your order in person and take your gin home with you immediately. 
  3. Limited supplies (not the full range) are also available here.
Inside the lovely gin shop at Whittaker's distillery
Inside the lovely gin shop at Whittaker’s

What Are The Opening Hours?

  1. The Distillery Shop is open Wednesday to Saturday from 12 pm to 4 pm and closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
  2. Gin distillery tours are available on Saturdays and Sundays at 11.30 am and 1.30 pm.

Wrap Up – Gin Tasting in Yorkshire

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip into the world of Whittaker’s Gin. Toby and Jane’s passion for their craft business shines through to make this a memorable experience and the best gin distillery tour I’ve taken (so far).

The distillery tour was well structured and very interesting, and the gin-tasting was great value when considering everything that was included. If you fancy trying a gin distillery tour in Yorkshire for a very reasonable price, then the Whittakers Gin tour does the trick!

If you’re looking for more inspiration for your trip to Yorkshire, check out our Yorkshire Travel Guide ito find all of our posts about this fantastic UK county.


A sensational gin distillery tour

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