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Thank you for wanting to contact us! We love hearing from readers like you who have found Grey Globetrotters interesting and useful in planning their adventure or who want to work with us.

If your question is travel tip or planning-specific, please look at our destinations page and/or use the search bar right at the top of the homepage.

You’ll probably find that your question is answered somewhere on the site. If not, please leave a comment on the blog post with your specific question – we will reply.

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If you are a midlife female traveller too, then head over to our Facebook group and join in with the other fearless female travellers in there sharing their tips and inspiration.

Guest Posts

We are currently accepting guest posts from other mature travel bloggers under the theme “The Over 50s Travel Guide to XYZ”.

If you’re a travel blogger, you’re trying to build your writing portfolio and you think your writing could offer great value to my midlife/boomer women readers then please get in touch. Please include the following in your email:

  • Your blog address eg
  • A short bio and intro to your blog
  • 2-3 ideas for posts

Please note that our readers like long, detailed posts that share nuggets of information about travel and destinations that is not easily found everywhere else. Typically we would expect a post to be 2,000 – 2,500 words.

Please DO NOT send us

  • a general email blast,
  • offers of products or services

The best way to contact us is by emailing:

Sharing is caring!

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Sharing is Caring

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