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8 Reasons To Hire a China Private Tour Guide

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China is the most incredible, rewarding, exhausting, mind-blowing, and exhilarating country – it’s also quite different from the Western world. While it’s a thrilling country to visit, the vastness and differences of China can be a bit overwhelming too.

One way you can make your trip even better and more comfortable is if you hire a China private tour guide.

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A Private Tour Guide WILL Enhance Your Trip to China

You might save a few pounds by waiting until you arrive in China to book your private tour guide, BUT you’ll miss out on some of the most valuable benefits of hiring a professional guide if you do!

Why Use A China Private Tour Service Before You Go to China?

1. Your guide will meet you at arrivals

When you land in China, exhausted after a long and tiring flight, the peace of mind you get from knowing that everything is taken care of for you from A-Z is such a relief.

Imagine how you’ll feel, walking straight out of arrivals and finding your private tour guide waving a board with your name on it. It’s blissful. And you won’t have to worry about finding your way out of a massive Chinese airport either!!

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china private tour guide

2. You get your own personal private car

My favourite benefit of a China private tour guide is that you don’t have to hang around and wait for other travellers once you’ve claimed your baggage. Nor do you have to schlepp miles to a coach, lugging your bags with you.

Your guide whisks you off in a comfortable air-conditioned car, moments after you exit the baggage reclaim and customs area. It’s absolute heaven, especially if you’re visiting China when it’s hot, hot, hot.

In a private car, you won’t have to sit next to or near someone who is less than fragrant after a long international flight. We have all been there haven’t we!

Thoughtful Little Extras

I was tired and dehydrated when I arrived in Beijing after a long international flight.

I didn’t think to buy water at the airport, so it was a welcome surprise to find chilled mineral water waiting for me in the car, especially as the airport transfer to Beijing is about an hour.

Every one of the China private tour guides my travel pal and I hired stocked the car with mineral water on long journeys!

Quality Vehicles

You’ll find the quality of vehicles that private guides use a pleasant surprise. The vehicles we travelled in were almost new, immaculately clean, and fully air-conditioned. The only teeny wrinkle is that some cars don’t have a huge boot (trunk).

In Beijing, our driver struggled to get our hold cases and cabin bags into the boot. Our guide had a cabin bag on his knees for the drive from the airport to the hotel.

The state regulates all Chinese tour guides – they take a strict annual national tour guide certificate examination sponsored by China National Tourism Administration. You can be confident that China private tour guides are incredibly knowledgeable, and you will find them keen to share their wealth of knowledge with you. They love questions.

3. Guides Help You Check-In at Your Hotel

Unless you’re staying in a big international hotel, you may find that the staff have a limited (sometimes non-existent) grasp of English. While it’s OK to communicate using a translator app (don’t forget that China blocks Google) it’s a huge relief to have your guide help you check in when you’ve arrived jet-lagged and brain fried from a punishing flight.

Our guides even came to our rooms to ensure we were 100% happy with them. They were passionate about ensuring every little thing was right for us.

Supervised by my China private tour guide – making sure I got to Beijing station AND onto the bullet train to Xi’an
Supervised by my China private tour guide – making sure I got to Beijing station AND onto the bullet train to Xi’an

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4. Avoid the Queues

Pre-booked tickets are a godsend, particularly in peak season! They mean you get into historic and interesting sites with limited queueing time. All the time-consuming “navigating” of ticket booths, entry gates, and security is a breeze with a guide to help you through. You’ll also be free from worries like “am I in the right queue?” and “am I buying the right type of ticket?”.

5. Max Your Agenda

You’ll fit much more into each day when you have a private guide than on a large organised tour. Going to key attractions with a private tour guide means you won’t waste precious moments waiting for other people to get on and off the coaches!! Let’s face it – we’ve all been on that tour where someone inconsiderate holds up the whole coach!

There’s so much to see in China; it’s a pity not to squeeze every drop of experience out of every day while you’re in the country.

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6. Complete Flexibility

One huge benefit of hiring a private tour guide in China is the flexibility it gives you to re-arrange or cancel elements of your schedule. It’s very liberating to have the schedule built around you.

China can be hard work and some tours are lengthy, so it’s worth thinking about building in rest days too.

After long days in Beijing, Xi’an and Guilin, we managed to reorganise our activities in Yangshuo with our guide’s help. On an exceptionally hot, humid day, neither of us relished the prospect of a long cycle ride in the countryside. We spoke to our guide, and she arranged a relaxing Chinese painting class at no extra cost. We loved it, and so did she!

Avoid The Obligatory Shop Tours

With a private guide, you can be frank and tell them that you don’t want to visit any shops if that’s not your thing. With big group tours, the frogmarch through over-priced souvenir shops is almost inevitable, but it does eat into your sightseeing time. It’s refreshing to cut all that crap out and focus on what you want to do!

7. Catch Every Word Your Guide Says

In big tour groups (30+ people) it can be hard to hear everything your guide tells you, so you miss out on key information.

With a private guide, you’ll hear every word and you can ask all the questions you want.

More importantly, you’re completely free to go at your own pace. You’ll get lots of information about historic and interesting sites without being overwhelmed with facts.

If you get tired, or if there are elements of a tour you find less interesting, you can work with your guide to skip these too.

Our private tour guide in China introduced us to amazing street food
Our private guide introduced us to awesome street food

8. Local Knowledge

It would be quite challenging to visit China for the first time without an English-speaking guide. A guide’s expert knowledge will help you learn about local culture and find good places (and good things) to eat. Your private guide will help you to visit local street markets, browse for bargains and always feel 100% safe.

Your guide will also help you know when you need to take your passport with you and will let you know all about the tipping protocol.

With the help of China private tour guides, we navigated easily through four airports, two train stations, and a cruise without a hitch. Our guides stayed with us, helping us through until we had checked in, and they ensured there were no problems.

The airports and train stations were all enormous, crowded and busy, with limited signage in English, so this was exactly the help we needed. Without our China private tour guide service, everything would have taken much longer, and it would have been quite stressful.

Reasons to Hire a Private Tour Guide in China

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Reasons to hire a China private tour guide

Have you visited China? Did you travel independently or with a group? What about guides – did you go with a China private tour guide? What was your experience? I’d love to know!