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Siwa Oasis Town, Egypt
Egypt Africa

Discovering Secret Egypt Tourist Attractions – Siwa Oasis

Far away from the best known Egypt tourist attractions, Siwa Oasis is a lush and verdant desert town with 300,000 gently swaying palm trees, 70,000 olive trees, 1,000 freshwater springs, and almost zero pollution. The most northerly of Egypt’s oasis towns, Siwa is splendidly isolated 50 km east of the Libyan border. Siwa is one …

Women's Packing List for Travel to Egypt
Packing Lists Egypt Travel Planning

Packing List for Travel to Egypt | Tips for Women

As the miles of arid desert flashed by and sweat slowly soaked my carefully chosen linen dress, I prayed for the journey to end. Silently, I cursed myself for bringing a dress that was not on my carefully planned packing list for travel to Egypt, while rivulets of sweat ran down my scalp transforming my …